Sustainable Tourism: Training for Tomorrow

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Through the European Nature Academy platform, we offer free material on the 9 key topics of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas.
This information is valuable for protected area staff, tourism businesses and other stakeholders.
We hope you will have a nice experience!
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In each module you will find:

  •  A short video explaining the focus and relevance of the topic
  •  Key information on the topic
  •  Related webinars and other video material
  •  Several hands-on case studies describing good practices from various protected areas within Europe
  •  Follow-up resources for interested readers
  •  A quiz where you can test its knowledge regarding the topic and receive a certificate

Learning modules:

Sustainable Tourism: Training For Tomorrow Course offers you 9 learning modules available in 4 languages:
  • English (EN)
  • Español - International (ES)
  • Français (FR)
  • Italiano (IT)
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Sustainable Tourism Modules include the following topics:

biodiversity and heritage

Conservation through tourism

Reducing impacts

Accessibility and facilities

Effective visitor communication

Social cohesion

Local prosperity


Charter engagement

Training Toolkit

This content has been created as part of the "Sustainable Tourism: Training for Tomorrow” project (2018-2021), funded by Key Action 2 of Erasmus+. The consortium consisted of Hasselt University, University of Hull, EUROPARC Federation, Asociacion de Ecoturismo en Espana, Ente di Gestione per i Parchi e al Biodiversita Emilia Occidentale, and Parc naturel régional de la Montagne de Reims.