European Nature Academy
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We make capacity building for improved Natura 2000 and Protected Area management a professional discipline. The courses enable continuous learning.

Our Mission for Nature Protection

Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers by providing them with tailor-made courses and unique learning opportunities. That is why we have created the European Nature Academy.
European Nature Academy is a dynamic training hub with a range of practical courses and tailor-made learning activities. These are designed to help Natura 2000 & Protected Area managers in their work. The ENA will enable users to be more effective, competent and confident nature management professionals.
ENA will boost individual, organisational and national capacities for Natura 2000 management while simultaneously creating a body of replicable courses and tailor-made learning activities, making use of the full range of face-to-face, blended, and online possibilities.

Meet our Team

Carol Richie
Executive Director
Neil McIntosh
Project manager
Sandra Grego
Project officer
Esther Bossink
Communications manager

Our Vision

Our Vision is to ENABLE all Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers to reach their full potential with the European Nature Academy for Applied Blended Learning!

Taking part in our courses will provide a perfect balance between interactive sessions, practical demonstration videos, and materials that can be applied according to the management needs of your Natura 2000 sites or Protected Areas.

Meet our Experts

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Why ENA is the go-to Academy for Nature Professionals?

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Meet our Participants

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Despite my 8+ years of experience in Protected Areas, this course provided a new and insightful perspective, particularly in exploring the complexity of Natura 2000 sites. It equipped me with practical insights for daily management, enhancing my effectiveness, competence, and confidence in nature management.
Going beyond the educational aspect, the course created valuable networking opportunities—a platform to exchange management challenges and successes with colleagues across Europe.
— Lorela
Looking forward to using what I've learned to protect our marine protected areas and promote responsible tourism practices. 
— Blerina
Many many thanks to the organizers of the European Nature Academy for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing us with such a valuable learning experience. Building connections with fellow professionals from across Europe has been an invaluable part of this experience.
— Lucia

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Funded by the LIFE Programme (EU)

The project and all actions are made possible with support from LIFE financial instrument of the European Community.